2. The awareness of the importance of the NEW NETHERLAND HISTORY and NEW NETHERLAND LEGACY has been finally acknowledged as a very important part of the history of the Netherlands. Starting a project or a celebration for 2009 is one thing, however to continue and to secure the New Netherland Legacy is another. My biggest concern has always been the continuity of the New Netherland Legacy after 2009 and to secure its rightful place as part of the Early Colonial History of New York and surrounding states and the Untied States in general. 2009 offers a unique moment in history to solidify the Dutch Heritage Legacy. The NEW NETHERLAND HERITAGE FOUNDATION (In Dutch: de NIEUW NEDERLAND ERFGOED STICHTING or NNES) is a Netherlands based foundation which is trying to seek funding in the Netherlands for Dutch expertise in relation to all aspects of the New Netherland Heritage, History and Legacy in support of New Netherland related organizations and projects. Projects to be supported include the Dutch Barn and Dutch Houses Survey, the building of the replica ship the Onrust, both already well underway and approaching completion, and recruiting Dutch sailors and school kids for trips on the Half Moon for example. This foundation will enable all the projects and initiatives to continue into the future and carry on the Dutch Legacy. The New Netherland Heritage Foundation will cooperate closely with an already existing and experienced foundation in the Netherlands called MONUMENTEN WEST INDIE COMPANGNIE (MOWIC) (www.mowic.nl). MOWIC has experience in projects such as New-Holland a former Dutch colony in Brazil. They also focus on the Dutch History in the Caribbean and West Africa.
  4. Mission Statement (of the New Netherland Heritage Foundation)
  5. To create a New Netherland Heritage Foundation in the Netherlands to help to secure the New Netherland Legacy and to strengthen the relationship between the Netherlands and the United States of America.
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