2. 1609 was the year of Henry Hudson’s exploration and discovery of the Manhattas and river valley which today bears his name. He was sailing for the Dutch East Indies Company (VOC) on the ship the Half Moon, navigating with information provided by the famous cartographer Petrus Plancius. Henry Hudson, however, did not return to his employers in the Netherlands and the area and river had to be rediscovered, which was done in 1611 by Adriaen Block and Hendrick Christiaensen. In 1614, the New Netherland Company was founded and Block started to explore the region and its waterways with his ship the Onrust which was built on the shores of the Hudson river.  Consequently, New Netherland was founded and trading posts were established along the northeast coast and along major rivers all the way to Rhode Island and even Martha’s Vineyard, and along major rivers such as the Delaware (South River), Hudson (River Mauritius) and Connecticut (North River). Today “Block Island” in the Long Island Sound, Adrian's Landing in downtown Hartford Connecticut and Hendrick Christiaensens Island named "No-mans Island" bear their names. In 1621, the Dutch West Indies Company (WIC) was established and took over the colony New Netherland. In 1624, the Island Manhattas was purchased by Peter Minuit from the Indians. In 1625, Fort New Amsterdam was built. New Netherland was taken over by the English in 1664 and they renamed it New York. The fifty-year period of New Netherland was, however, crucial in the formation of the independent United States of America and to what the country is today and this Legacy will bind our nations forever.