2. Not only is it the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s discovery, but the birthday of the Dutch-American relationship. It is the time to commemorate the importance of New Netherland History, Heritage and Legacy, all of which are still evident in the Northeast, especially in New York state and the Hudson Valley. Organizations such as the New Netherland Project in Albany, New York, and the New Netherland Museum with its replica of Henry Hudson’s ship, the “Half Moon” are working to preserve this heritage. The Government of the Netherlands will participate in significant ways to commemorate events in 2009. A New Netherland Heritage Foundation is being established in the Netherlands to locate support for the preservation of this heritage. This support will also go to New Netherland oriented organizations in the USA, continuing to reinforce the ties between our two nations. A relationship which will gain further importance as it moves into the future and which is titled by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as: “A Story of Old Friends.”
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